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star Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor

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3:10 yet everyone got mad when Michael Jackson did that to Blanket.

To what Brad. I couldn"t stop laughing at this. Also oh great now he"s riffing this is a nightmare! Good Lord I"m dead. I cried instantly. I"m not ready to see Mufasa die again. 6-year-old me: hates villians Me now: loves villian. There are too many pauses in between their words. It"s. off putting. I love this movie it was amazing. Scar is determined for Sarabi to be his queen and also the Hyeneas work with Scar rather than for. This is why Be Prepared is a shorter song.

The story is still that,but this add some whole new music and amazing technology to make it better. Brah can you imagine about to be king them some new mf name Simba comes along like tf. Whoever did the subtitles needs a raise. People saying the film lacks emotion. This is realism. You don"t see Lions smiling. Basically everyone who voted 1 star wants a childish Disney remake this is a PG for a reason. It"s more real. I think most people need to watch the original before going. Alot of the criticism I"m seeing is also in the original.

They didnt include the i quiver with fear cause only Jeremy Irons can do it. Amazed and deffo one you need hankies for. The movie may have some flaws like the mouth movement. but the score, cast and visual effects are incredible.

This is the greatest moment in animation history nothing can top this


There are different spins and scenes and worth it. Absolutely blown away. When I was a little kid. I hated this movie. Truly on that. I"m a first grader. I don"t listen to this kindergarten ass music. As a grown-ass man who creates music. This is a masterpiece. Good lookin out on changing my perspective.




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